Väderstad Components AB

We are the industry’s leading manufacturer of hardened wear parts for Väderstad’s agricultural machines. The manufacturing process is automated with high-tech machines and advanced robotics. Our specialized employees are at the absolute forefront of technical know-how. We constantly strive forward and drive the development of the entire industry. The result is products with very high wear resistance and performance.

Innovation in focus

Developing and improving is always in focus for us. In addition, we would like to be first. Together with other companies in the group, we are the market leader with the majority of innovative solutions in agriculture.

High internal competence

We recruit highly qualified personnel who are specially trained to handle the latest machine- and robot technology. Through our strong growth, we have mobility between different assignments and services, which contributes to both personal competence and the company’s strong development.


Our strategy is to always develop and to be at the forefront of our manufacturing methods and processes. Our robot and machine park is developed and updated continuously. Most of the development work takes place internally with all our cutting-edge knowledge and experience.

We help agriculture all
over the world

We have a close collaboration with farmers around the world where we capture opinions and needs. Together, we have a developing working method with field tests of our products. All of this contributes to our high quality and performance, which provides great added value for our customers, the farmers.

The facility is beautifully located by the lake Såduggen

Enjoying and feeling pride in one’s workplace is a matter of course for us. In addition to a really well-knit team, our workplace is beautifully located in a forest near by the lake Såduggen.