Materials technology lab

Development, research and follow-up

With the Materials Technology Lab, Väderstad takes another big step to consolidate its position as the world’s leading supplier of wear parts for agricultural machinery. With the lab, we increase our control over the design and performance of wear parts. It gives us greater opportunities to develop materials and methods in a stable and efficient manufacturing process.

A lab that offers great potential

Our material laboratory is equipped to carry out the various tests necessary to find the optimal mechanical properties of the material. The purpose of the laboratory activities is threefold: development, investigation and follow-up. Development work focuses on materials or material processes that improve performance, reliability and/or cost-effectiveness.

Successful networking

Väderstad has long-standing collaborations with higher education institutes such as Linköping University, KTH, University of Gävle, Uppsala University, Luleå University of Technology and University West. We also have a close collaboration in measurement technology with Exova Metech and with the Nordics’ largest producer of commercial steel, SSAB. The laboratory extends the potential of these collaborations, as much of the experimental work can be carried out on site, close to the
manufacturing industry.

Experience and competence

The best technique is not always a guarantee of perfect results – it also requires large amounts of knowledge. That is why we are very proud of our employees, where we have, among other things, recruited one of the country’s foremost metallurgists. We constantly strive to form as good a breeding ground as possible for the company’s competence development. This is how we have the privilege of having absolutely
world-class employees.