Our products

Leader in the manufacture
of hardened wear parts

The wear parts are the most critical components of an agricultural machine. The quality and design of the parts determines much of the machine’s function and performance in the field. They must have precisely designed agronomic properties, be durable and fit perfectly on every Väderstad machine. Therefore, we develop, manufacture and test almost all genuine wearing parts ourselves.

Innovation in focus

Making things new and better is a spur for us at Väderstad Components. In addition, we would like to be first. For that, diligent development work is required, but it is equally important that we have an environment where innovation is the focus. With innovations, we can provide agriculture with tomorrow’s solutions in a time of rapid change. We attach great importance to new ideas, development work, lab and field tests.

Perfect balance between durability and elasticity

Cultivatorpinne. Bearbetar såbädden.

Tallrik, TrueCut med livstids garanti

Spetsar. Bearbetar jorden. 

Vältring. Knäcker, krossar och vältrar.

When developing steels and hardening processes for wear parts, the biggest challenge is to precisely combine high hardness with maintained impact toughness. The hardness provides wear resistance, while the impact toughness provides resistance to external influences in the field such as hitting rocks. Through numerous tests, we have developed a hardening process for optimal results in all respects.


Our largest product group is discs, for shallow tillage and sowing, for Väderstad’s machines. They are manufactured in sizes from diameter 300 mm to 630 mm and in thicknesses from 3 mm to 6 mm.

Roller gang

Väderstad’s uniquely designed rolling rings create optimal germination conditions around the seed after spring sowing.


Spikes are a product for a little deeper tillage that places high demands on durability and shape for the right soil flows. Our points are optimized to give a guaranteed uniform result across the entire field.

Other products

In addition to discs and points, we manufacture many other wear parts for agriculture. All our products have in common the perfect fit, the high quality and the long service life.

Swedish steel
– Swedish quality

The road to a quality product starts with the raw material. At Väderstad Components, we only use Swedish steel of the highest quality to ensure a perfect end result. For successful hardening, the steel must contain exactly the right type of composition. With its hardness and toughness, press-hardened boron steel is a fantastic material that makes the products both durable and impact-resistant. Väderstad Components is one of the Nordic countries’ largest consumers of boron steel.

Väderstad V-55
pushes the limit

V stands for Väderstad and the number 55 stands for the hardness measured in Rockwell C (HRC). The unique structural composition of the material makes it possible to push the hardness up from the standard 47-48 HRC to 55 HRC, while maintaining the impact toughness.